We are a software development startup based out of Bangalore. We collaborate with other startups outside India so that we can help them grow faster.

We provide services to make offshore development center. We make software products on demand. We augment the software development teams by providing highly skilled offshore resources in niche technology areas.

We have made optimization and data analytics-based products for crew optimization and locomotive optimization for railways. We are keenly interested in working with railway IT suppliers across the world.

Innovation and adaptability are crucial for our clients. So we created a network model of organization where the core of the organization has software engineering and product development capabilities. Our network comprises educators, technology specialists, and business domain specialists. This network ensures that we can find innovative solutions to challenging problems again and again.

Offshore Development with Mathologic

We wish to enhance the delivery capabilities of startups and still retain full control over development by operating India based development center.

We recruit and manage best quality human resources while they exclusively work for the client.

We provide facilities, training and administrative and technical support to the offshore team.

Software Development & maintenance

We take the resposibility of software development & maintenance at fixed price and time & material basis.

Data Analytics & Optimization

We provide data analytics & optimization services to solve business problems.

Angular | Bootstrap | HTML | CSS | Node.js | MVC | React Native | ReactJs | Java | PHP Go Lang | MongoDB | PostgreSql |MySQL | CouchBase Product Owner | Agile Coach | UX Designer | SME | Industry Experts

Patents & Research Publications

Patents are legal protections granted to inventors, giving them exclusive rights to their inventions for a limited period. They encourage innovation by providing inventors with the incentive to disclose and share their inventions while safeguarding their commercial interests. Patents cover a wide range of areas, including technology, medicine, engineering, and more. They serve as a foundation for economic growth and promote the development of new products, processes, and technologies.

Research Publications:
Research publications refer to scholarly articles, papers, and studies that disseminate new knowledge and findings in a particular field. These publications serve as a means of sharing research outcomes with the scientific community and the public. Research publications undergo rigorous peer review processes to ensure the quality and validity of the research. They provide valuable insights, contribute to existing knowledge, and enable researchers to build upon previous work. Research publications are essential for academic and professional advancement and play a critical role in shaping future research directions.

Our Products

We have made products for crew scheduling & locomotive scheduling for coaching trains, which run on fixed schedule. We also support other companies in making IT products.


is a web based software hosted in cloud which provides loco schedules to work the train services as per pre defined timetable. This application is being deployed in one of the largest railway networks in the world.


is a web based software which is used to schedule crew for passenger carrying trains. Crew optimization saves huge revenue for a railroad.


We have the a number of product ideas like physical device and software for image comparison and defects, industry 4.0 assessment to provide roadmap for technology infusion, SaaS based Innovation accelerator for B2B market and much more.


Out team can implement ANYPLACE server for Wi-Fi based localization of android mobile phones and other Wi-Fi devices.


We develop and implement these software products from our strategic partner.


We actively research & publish our work in peer reviewed journals & conferences in collaboration with our clients.

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