Offshore Development Center with Mathologic

Offshore development in India brings multiple benefits including:

We wish to enhance the delivery capabilities of startups and still retain full control over development by operating India based development center. We recruit and manage best quality human resources while they exclusively work for the client. We provide facilities, training and administrative and technical support to the offshore team.

Some Benefits are:

  • Lots of expertise and knowledge in latest cutting technology, Have ability to invest and expand breadth of service
  • Build network with industry experts and technology experts for quick knowledge sharing and academic experts for longer knowledge retention which accelerate the innovation for the clients.
  • For Project Execution, We adapted Agile Practices and process.
  • The ability of our Agile culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and teamwork enables the team to address research problems and deliver engagements that link to business outcomes.
  • Continuous improvement, learning, continuous integration, testing, and automation are key elements of our culture.

Services of our offshore development center

  • Panning
  • Hiring of human resources
  • Selection of best location and Renting Space
  • Migration plan
  • Plan execution
  • Handing over

Software Development & maintenance

We make software products on demand, faster, better and more economically. Development and Maintenance of Software Products We work with startups and product development units to create and maintain software products for them

  • By following execution using agile practices and process.
  • Work with well balanced small agile team embraced with Agile culture, focused on integration and deployment.
  • Automation of testing.
  • Our team has many years of experience in enterprise software development.

Incubation – Outcome based R&D / PoCs:

  • We have experienced people capable of incubating possible solution to problem statement and productize the ideas.
  • Increase your value of offering and help Organization in accelerating innovation and Growth.

Provide full commitment, involvement from Idea formation to matured Product. We have technical staff having capabilities Web Application development, Mobile Application Development AI / ML, Data Analytics

Data Analytics & Optimization

Frontend, Backend and Databases

Angular | Bootstrap | HTML | CSS | Node.js | MVC | React Native | ReactJs | Java | PHP | Go Lang | MongoDB | PostgreSql | MySQL | CouchBase


Product Owner | Agile Coach | UX Designer | SME | Industry Experts


Experience UI Design | Web Application development | Mobile Application Development | AI / ML | Data Analytics