Operations Research Consultancy

We are a group of mathematicians who are experts in development of heuristic algorithms to solve complex business problems. These are general purpose methods which can be used in many types of business problems.

Fall Detection

We are currently involved in making algorithm for fall detection by analysis of sensor data. In this case, a patient or an old age wears a wearable device which has an accelerometer and it can communicate with wifi. The accelerometer data is continuously analyzed to detect if the patient has fallen. The algorithm for such analysis is developed by us.

Data Envelopment Analysis

This is a liner programming based method which can be used to compare performance different outlets of a retail chain, or bank branches or products in a portfolio. One such academic study we conducted was “Data Envelopment Analysis of Cement Companies in India”

Monte-Carlo Simulation

We have capability to develop models and conduct study using discrete event Monte-Carlo simulation. One such study we completed was- “Power System reliability evaluation using Monte-Carlo Simulation”. This study involved developing a mathematical model for assessing the impact of failure of generating machines or transmission lines or transformers on the reliability of electric supply. Loss of load probability was calculated at all the demand centers. This study can be used to take better planning decisions on how the reliability can be improved. The simulation of IEEE Reliability Test System done by writing a lengthy software code.

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