A Little bit about us

This startup is created to realize our dream of making innovative solutions for railways. We will focus on complex mathematical problems that have not been solved so far and make IT solutions around them. In our discussion with railway officers, optimization of crew links for coaching trains was identified as one of the most important and mathematically complex problems that, if solved, will have a huge financial impact. Existing operations research literature does not provide a method suitable for a complex network like Indian Railways.

We researched on this problem, developed our method to handle it and tested it on the Indian Railways real data. Now we have developed a decision support system to make coaching crew links. We have a patent for this invention.


Research Oriented
Simulation Optimization
Software Development
Machine Learning
Decision Support Systems

Our leaders

Dr. Manish Kumar, is a founder director of the startup. He is an expert in railways, information systems and operations research. He is Fellow of IIM Calcutta, M.Tech from IIT Delhi and B.Tech from HBTI Kanpur. He worked with Indian Railways in middle management roles. He was a faculty at Management Development Institute Gurgaon and a researcher at Infosys Labs. He has written manyresearch papers on Monte-Carlo simulation, process optimization and business process management. He has also filed patents.

Prof. Bodhibrata Nag is advisor to the company. He is Professor in the Operations Management Group of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He received his PhD (Fellow) in Operations Research and Systems Analysis from IIM Calcutta after having received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He has received training in case method of teaching and case development at Harvard Business School and power project design at Electricite de France. He has more than twenty years of industry experience and nearly a decade of teaching and research experience.More...

Our team



Incubation Centre

Mathologic and IIITB agree to collaborate for the following-

1. To bring jointly identified technology to market readiness - Mathologic and IIIT-B will work together to design and develop specific products jointly identified by both organizations, and bring these to market readiness. This will include technology development to show proofs-of-concept for the products, tests to ensure robustness and reliability, and other work needed to facilitate market acceptance of the products.

2. To collaborate on research efforts - The two organizations will work together to identify potential directions of research to be taken up at and specific technologies to be explored and developed in pursuit of those objectives. Mathologic will help build research strengths based on its own capabilities, expertise and intellectual property in addition to those that are already available with the Institute.

3. To engage IIIT-B students - Suitably qualified and interested students of IIIT-B will be given the opportunity to interact with Mathologic researchers, and also apply for internships at the company. In addition, Mathologic will help IIIT-B’s students in other ways, such as helping them select projects, mentor their research efforts in a few cases, and help steer them towards interesting employment opportunities.

The collaboration between Mathologic and IIIT-B is based on mutual use of capabilities and technologies that may be the property of only one of the partners. The basis for commercial use of such intellectual property, in projects and products taken up jointly or individually, will be agreed separately on a case-by-case basis.