Business Problem

Making crew links in any railway system is a complex mathematical problem. Manually making new crew links for 200 crews takes at least 15 days. Changing an existing link to accommodate new trains also takes a lot of time. Optimization of crew links is a complex task even with software and attempting it manually is impossible.

CrewLogic™ : A Decision Support System which optimizes the existing crew links or creates new optimized links with the help of proprietary algorithms

After detailed research for over three years we created a software product named CREWLOGIC. It is in the category of decision support systems. The complete crew link making process is divided in stages and we have developed algorithms for optimization at every stage and we designed intuitive user interface so that railway users who are not mathematicians can use it easily. It can be hosted on cloud or on local servers and can be easily accessed from a web browser. Any division or zone, or even the entire Indian Railways can make efficient crew links using it.

What We Offer

CrewLogic™ is a web based system hosted on cloud which ensures high reliability and easy accessibility. This can be used to make crew links of daily and weekly, long distance mail express and short distance passenger trains. A train journey is divided into driving sections of suitable length. The small driving sections can be clubbed to make a long crew duty. Pilot running or dead heading of crew is accommodated in crew duty. Efficient round trips are made for all the duties. The round trips are arranged in proper sequence to make crew links, satisfying headquarter rest and periodic rest requirements.

Flexibility is the most important feature of the software and railways can make the crew links as per their choice and it is not dictated by the software. Crew links for daily trains and crew links for weekly trains can be clubbed which leads to additional saving.

Benefits of using CrewLogic™ are:

  • Increase in mileage.
  • Elimination of excess running room rest.
  • Timely periodic rest.
  • More time at home leading to happy work-life balance.
  • Zero Based Links or existing links can be made.
  • Crew Link statistics are automatically calculated.

Crew is a very costly resource and consists of highly paid employees. As per a planning commission conducted study named ‘Total Transportation Study’1, the running staff cost was 7.9% of operating expenses in the India

For every crew in the link there is 15% leave reserve and 15% training reserve. For 25 drivers there is one Loco Inspector (4%) and for every 50 Guards there is one Traffic Inspector (2%). We can take other administrative overheads to be 5%. Thus for every one crew set in crew link, we have 3X1.3X1.06X1.05 employees = 4.34 employees

Average salary and perks (pass PTO, house, medical, superannuation contribution/pension) of running staff can be taken as Rs 12 lakhs per year. Then financial impact of one crew set in crew link = Rs. 52.08 lakhs. Rs Fifty Two lakh can be taken as a reasonable cost per crew set in the absence of any direct source of data.

Two field trials were done. In one trial, a zero base plan was made to run trains in Northern Railway. With the software, we could achieve 28% more productivity per crew. It means currently we are using 28% more crew. In the second trial, we just improved the running room rest in Firozpur Division (FZR) crew links. It leads to saving of 10 percent crew. In both the cases, the crew was spending more time at home.

On all India basis, a 10% saving in coaching crew will save of 6000 people. There are more than 60,000 driver guards and assistant drivers running coaching trains. Rs 720 Crore is 0.4% of operating ratio if we take 1,80,000 crore as yearly revenue. The saving in coaching crew will reduce the requirements of goods crew working in coaching. There is perennial shortage in goods crew and they earn overtime at double the rate. Thus, the coaching crew saved will reduce the overtime in goods crew at double the rate of salary.

The customers can subscribe to the software. Customers will receive training in the use of the software. We provide five day working hours (9AM to 5 PM) support for the software. This is just a telephone call away. Five days are Monday to Friday excluding Karnataka holidays.

To know more about the subscription services please call Dr. Manish Kumar at +91-9481578871

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  • Northern Railway were able to save 14 crew sets with the help of CrewLogic™

    NR Trial Report



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